Skyscraper Factory has helped hundreds of clients build an authority brand, attract their target clients, and dominate rankings in their industries.

We are on a mission to build the highest skyscrapers and help you rank where you belong.

My name is Yassir Sahnoun, and I’m the founder of Skyscraper Factory. Let me tell you a quick story…

One year after I started doing content for software companies online in 2016, I worked with this one gentleman that continuously dealt with imposter syndrome with his software firm.

His product was great, the design was spot-on, and his employees always worked hard to get the product out there. But his vision has always been far greater than the numbers he was doing. This made him question the value he brings to the market and continuously rethink the whole business model.

Lo and behold, he was far from being the lone wolf in the pack. As I worked with more and more founders and marketers, it has become obvious most of my clients were struggling to speak their product into their marketing and get the results they deserve.


As a fluent speaker of six languages, I started out as a writer for the language learning space. As time went on, I have been able to branch out to different languages than those I speak, and later on, to different niches.

I slowly realized that my writing is more than just a bunch of words on a screen. If used right, it had the potential to bring my clients fortunes and make for a great ROI.

Since then, I went on a mission to continuously learn about the in’s and out’s of creating content that converts, and taught beginner writers to do the same through a platform named WriteWorldwide.

Long story short, skyscraper content ended up being the type of content that consistently delivered for our clients. I built a team of three people and started creating content I felt comfortable charging people for.

That is what led to us to coming up with Skyscraper Factory and coming up with our motto “Rank Where You Belong”.


Over the past five years, I have been working with clients with the sole purpose of bringing the highest ROI possible. With this commitment constantly in mind, businesses and individuals have learned about us via referrals and reading our work on clients’ websites and started reaching out.

With so many people seeking excellence with content and on search engine rankings, I knew I had to get a team together and offer a great solution that clearly prioritizes the client’s best interest in mind and brings the best ROI possible.