Frequently Asked Questions

Each month, we get many inquiries from people who need help with content. If you have been following us for a while, or have stumbled upon any of our content, you might want to know more about what we are about. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Don’t see your question? Contact us.

Skyscraper Factory is a specialized service business, advising on content strategy and content creation aimed at improving rankings, building authority and attracting venture capital.

We help individuals and firms making US$50,000 to US$25,000,000 in yearly revenue under the motto “Rank Where You Belong”. We help them implement the skyscraper technique by creating a Skyscraper Strategy and executing it.

We produce free content to inspire and help you to take action and start building the highest skyscrapers in your niche. You can learn more about our story and mission through our “About” page.

We currently do not sell any informational products. We have entire dedication to our role as a service business and a boutique consultancy.

You can learn more about Skyscraper Factory for free using the following links:

We offer a tried-and-true set of services that have worked and still work for our clients. Due to the volume of work we need to perform initially during the onboarding process, we cannot afford to take on clients for free trials. 

The clients with which we have worked within a free trial period only have all failed to get positive ROI from our content and work, which defeats the purpose of our engagement. 

We require a minimum paid engagement of three months to get started, and you can opt out anytime after that period.

We work with individuals and companies with an online presence. Your pretax annual revenue or net worth should be between US$50,000 and US$25,000,000.

You should be running a legal, legitimate business and be committed to having the flexibility, commitment and consistency to achieve a positive ROI from working with us.

As with any custom service business, it is impossible to give out a fixed rate without a proper diagnosis of your needs and business. Any fixed price solution may not be the best fit for you> Many people reach out to work with us after learning this the hard way.

Our work consists of two main phases:

1- Planning; (Application, assessment, diagnosis, and proposal)

2- Execution; (Skyscraper creation, publication, promotion, and skyscraper reconstruction)

Generally speaking, we do not charge for the “Planning” phase, but we expect you to pay the fee for the first month of the execution phase during the first phase. The minimum commitment is three months, and our fees generally range from $500 to $4,000 a month, and can go higher depending on the Skyscraper Strategy we end up working with.

After you fill out our application form, we will reach out with details and a calendar link to schedule a call. We will undergo a diagnostic process to assess your business, goals, and the volume of work we will be doing. From there, you will pay the fee for the first month, and we will proceed to gather some information from you through our client questionnaire.

Once that’s done, we will create your personalized Skyscraper Strategy and we will present a full plan with every detail covered. A key focus of ours is creating a strategy that will bring positive ROI within 4 to 12 months. Thereafter, we will proceed to the next phase: execution.

Here we will start investing time in skyscraper content based on the Skyscraper Strategy we have built. All blog posts will be optimized for search engines before publication, promoted (at an extra fee if requested), and updated if they are more likely to perform worse as time goes on (offered at no extra fee to our active clients).

Please note that we will provide you with a Skyscraper Factory Promotion Guide in case you want to fly solo with that step or have a team in-house to take care of it.

With thousands of readers, followers, and viewers a month, we are unable to help everyone who asks. Our fast application process helps us determine if we can help you and saves everyone time.

The application form also helps us uncover the intentions of our prospective clients and separate those who are serious about their growth from who are not.

But don’t sweat it; you do not need to be a celebrity or billionaire to get approved. All you will need is the willingness to show commitment, consistency, and serious desire for results.

After publishing your first skyscraper, we will provide you with our Skyscraper Factory Promotion Guide to fly solo with it or delegate it to your in-house team.

We prefer to let our clients handle promotion as it is difficult for us to comfortably get access to their social media accounts, email lists, and more.

We do promote content for clients at an extra fee, but we like to focus our efforts on creating content while taking a consultant position when it comes to promotion.

While many of our clients prefer to stay private, we do have some of our testimonials listed in our “Become a Client” page.

While I am able to fluently communicate in six languages, my team is built to serve English language websites only. We may expand to other languages in the future.